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Brief Calculus vs Calculus 1: Which should I take?

Hey everyone! I'm currently deciding between taking brief calculus and calculus 1. Can anyone help me understand the differences between the two? Which one would be better to take in terms of difficulty and preparing for college?

6 months ago

Hi there! The main difference between brief calculus and calculus 1 is the scope and depth of topics covered. Brief calculus is essentially an abridged version of calculus, designed for students who need an understanding of calculus concepts but aren't pursuing a math-heavy major. It will usually cover the basics of limits, derivatives, and integrals, without delving too deep into complex applications and techniques. On the other hand, calculus 1 is a more complete course, aimed at students who need a solid foundation in calculus for their major, such as engineering, mathematics, or physics. It covers the same basic concepts as brief calculus, with a more in-depth exploration and additional topics like optimization and approximating area under a curve using Riemann sums.

In terms of difficulty, brief calculus is generally considered to be easier, as it skims over some of the more complex ideas within calculus. However, if you plan to pursue a STEM major in college or want a more comprehensive understanding of calculus, calculus 1 would be the better choice, as it will cover the material needed for future coursework. Additionally, having completed calculus 1 can be more impressive on your college application, especially for more competitive programs.

6 months ago

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