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Typical senior year classes?

Currently, I'm a junior and starting to plan my schedule for next year! Can anyone give me an idea of what classes 12th graders typically take? I want to make sure I'm prepared for college and taking the right courses in my senior year. Thanks!

6 months ago

Hey there! Senior year courses can vary greatly depending on your interests, academic strengths, and potential college majors. However, I can list down some general guidelines to help you plan your schedule:

1. Core Classes: Continue taking core classes in English, math, science, and social studies. Colleges like to see that you've completed a strong foundation in these core subjects.

2. Foreign Language: If you've been taking a foreign language, try to continue your sequence for at least three years, and four years if possible. This demonstrated dedication strengthens your application.

3. Advanced Courses: If you haven't already, consider taking some advanced courses like AP, IB, or honors classes. These classes show colleges that you can handle a rigorous curriculum and are eager to challenge yourself.

4. Electives: Choose electives that both interest you and can potentially be related to your future college major. Relevant electives will not only help you enjoy your senior year but also demonstrate your passion for specific subjects.

5. Additional Requirements: Make sure you're fulfilling any additional graduation requirements specific to your school or district. These could include classes like health education, physical education, or specific technology courses.

Ultimately, the most important aspect of your senior year schedule is to balance academic rigor with your personal interests. Try to challenge yourself but also leave room for extracurricular activities and other commitments. Best of luck in your senior year!

6 months ago

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