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Can I get an MBA with an economics degree?

Hey all! I'm studying economics as an undergrad, but I've been considering getting an MBA after I graduate. Will my economics degree prepare me well for MBA programs, or should I look into other options? Thanks for your thoughts!

6 months ago

Hello! An economics degree can certainly serve as a solid foundation for pursuing an MBA after you graduate. In fact, economics is among the more common undergraduate degrees held by MBA students, as it provides a strong background in areas like microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics, which are often relevant to business studies.

However, MBA programs look for applicants from diverse academic backgrounds and do not require a specific undergraduate major. What's important is the caliber of your college performance, your work experience, and your overall potential to excel in the graduate program, not a particular major.

That being said, MBA programs value individuals who have strong quantitative and problem-solving skills, and an economics degree can help you develop that skillset. Additionally, your economics courses will likely touch on business-related concepts such as market structures, competition, and resource allocation.

To strengthen your MBA application, consider gaining relevant work experience after your undergraduate studies. This can involve working in finance, consulting, operation, or other business-related fields. Moreover, take advantage of your electives in college to explore courses related to management, marketing, or entrepreneurship to expand your knowledge in various business domains.

In summary, an economics degree can provide a strong foundation for pursuing an MBA. To make yourself an even more attractive candidate, focus on maintaining a high GPA, gaining relevant work experience, and participating in extracurricular activities to demonstrate your leadership and teamwork skills. Good luck!

6 months ago

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