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USC Residence Halls: Pros and cons?

Hi all! I'm thinking ahead to my potential life at USC and was hoping to get some input from current students or recent grads. What are the pros and cons of different residence halls on campus? I'd love to get a sense of the atmosphere, facilities, and overall convenience of the various options. Thanks in advance!

6 months ago

Hello! Congrats on considering USC for your college experience! I can give you an overview of some popular residence halls and their pros and cons based on what I've heard from current students and recent grads:

1. Birnkrant Residential College:

Pros: Known for its social atmosphere and located near the Lyon Center (gym) and dining halls. Rooms are fairly spacious and it's home to the Honors Residential College.

Cons: Can be noisy due to its social nature, which may affect studying within the room.

2. New/North Residential College:

Pros: A social environment that is great for making friends, plus it's close to the dining hall and on-campus activities.

Cons: Can be loud and dated, with smaller rooms compared to some other dorms.

3. Parkside Arts & Humanities Residential College:

Pros: Features suite-style rooms and a quieter atmosphere, which is great for studying. It's also conveniently located near a dining facility and has modern furnishings.

Cons: Can feel somewhat isolated due to its location on the edge of campus.

4. Parkside International Residential College (IRC):

Pros: Offers suite-style rooms, a diverse community, and modern facilities. It's close to a dining facility and the Engineering school and is relatively quiet.

Cons: Located slightly further from the center of campus, which leads to a longer walk to some classes and events.

5. Fluor Tower:

Pros: Suite-style rooms with private bathrooms and a central location on campus, being near the School of Engineering and the Ronald Tutor Campus Center.

Cons: Rooms and facilities might be somewhat dated, and it may lack the vibrant social atmosphere of some other dorms.

6. Webb Tower:

Pros: Apartment-style living with a kitchen in each unit, which offers extra independence for students. It's best suited for upperclassmen.

Cons: Relatively dated facilities, and it can be more challenging to make friends due to the apartment-style layout.

Every residence hall has its unique atmosphere and pros and cons, so visit the USC housing website to explore further options and see what works best for your preferences. Good luck, and I hope you have a fantastic experience at USC!

6 months ago

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