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Can I get a bachelor's degree in MD?

So, I'm interested in studying medicine and eventually pursuing a career in healthcare, but I've been hearing about MD programs being graduate-level only. Is it possible to get an undergraduate degree in medicine (something like a bachelor's degree) or do I have to choose a different major for undergrad and then move on to medical school?

6 months ago

It sounds like you're eager to pursue a career in healthcare! You're correct that MD programs in the United States are at the graduate level, typically following the completion of a four-year undergraduate degree. There is no bachelor's degree specifically in medicine, as MD programs are reserved for those pursuing a medical degree after completing undergraduate studies.

Many aspiring doctors often choose majors related to medicine, such as Biology, Chemistry, or Health Sciences, but medical schools accept applicants from a wide range of academic backgrounds. The key aspect during your undergraduate years is to focus on satisfying the pre-med course requirements, which will usually include Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, and some Math courses - so long as you do that, you can major in whatever you like. Just be aware that majoring in something outside of those areas may mean you need extra time, or summer terms, to graduate, as there won’t be much overlap between your major requirements and your pre-med ones. Additionally, medical schools typically require applicants to take the MCAT, which is a standardized test that assesses your knowledge of the natural, behavioral, and social sciences.

Regardless of your major, it’s essential to maintain a strong grade point average (GPA), as well as seek opportunities to gain experience through research, volunteering, or shadowing doctors. These experiences will not only make you a more competitive medical school applicant, but also help you in your future medical education and career.

So, you'll need to complete an undergraduate degree in a major of your choice, meet pre-med requirements, and gain relevant experiences in the healthcare field before applying to medical schools for an MD program. Good luck with your academic and professional journey in healthcare!

6 months ago

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