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UCLA vs. UC Davis: Which is a better fit for Environmental Science?

Hi everyone! I got into both UCLA and UC Davis for Environmental Science and I'm having a hard time choosing. I'm looking for opinions on their programs, research opportunities, and overall campus environments. Does anyone have any insight or experience with these schools? Thanks!

6 months ago

Congrats on your acceptances! Both UCLA and UC Davis have solid Environmental Science programs, but there are some differences worth considering.

Program: UC Davis is known for its strength in agriculture and environmental sciences, which might provide a more specialized experience in your field. UCLA also has a strong program but leans more towards a broader science education.

Research opportunities: Both campuses offer research opportunities, but UC Davis may have a slight edge due to their focus on agriculture/environmental science. This means you might find more niche research projects in your field at UC Davis. On the other hand, UCLA has a larger overall research budget, which could mean more diverse research opportunities across various fields.

Campus environment: UC Davis is located in a smaller, more suburban area, which might appeal to you if you prefer a close-knit community and a manageable campus size. You'll also find the UC Davis campus to be green and eco-friendly, in line with your interests. UCLA, being in Los Angeles, offers more urban experiences and opportunities for internships, networking, and cultural events, but it might also feel busier and more crowded.

You should also consider visiting each campus (if possible) and talking with current students and professors to get a feel for the environment and opportunities. Your choice would depend on your preferences for campus atmosphere, research interests, and overall fit. Ultimately, though, either school will provide you with a strong foundation in Environmental Science, so you’re in a great spot regardless. Good luck with your decision!

6 months ago

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