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Need inspiration for Common App Prompt 7!

Hey there! I've chosen Prompt 7 for my Common App essay since it's an open-ended option. However, I'm feeling a little lost with so much freedom. Can anyone share what they've written about or any ideas that can help me get started on my own essay?

6 months ago

Hey! It's totally normal to feel a bit overwhelmed by the open-ended nature of Prompt 7. The beauty of it, though, is that it allows you to showcase a unique aspect of yourself that may not be apparent in other parts of your application. For some in-depth advice on tackling this prompt, check out this CollegeVine article: https://blog.collegevine.com/how-to-write-the-common-application-essays#prompt-7

Here are just a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing:

1. Personal passion project: If there's something you're deeply passionate about and have dedicated a significant amount of time to, consider sharing your journey, challenges, and takeaways from the experience. For example, if you've built an app, started a nonprofit, or written a book, those could be great topics to write about.

2. Unusual hobby or talent: Do you have a unique skill or unconventional hobby that has shaped your perspective? Maybe you're a ventriloquist, an expert in medieval literature, or an amateur astrophotographer. Use this essay as an opportunity to give insight into how this interest has influenced your outlook and contributed to your personal growth.

3. Personal growth story: Reflect on an experience that pushed you out of your comfort zone and led to substantial personal growth. This could be a challenging volunteer opportunity, an inspiring travel experience, or taking care of a family member. Discuss the situation, what you learned from it, and how it has shaped you.

4. Cultural background: If your cultural background has played a significant role in shaping your identity and experiences, consider writing about how this has influenced your perspective, values, and beliefs. This could include traditions, family dynamics, or unique experiences that are connected to your heritage.

5. Academic curiosity: If there's a particular academic subject that fascinates you, consider exploring that passion in depth. Discuss how you pursued knowledge outside of the classroom, whether through independent research, engaging with professors or experts, or related extracurricular activities. This essay can demonstrate your intellectual curiosity and commitment to learning.

6. Overcoming adversity: Share a personal story of overcoming a challenge or adversity that had a profound impact on your life. This could be a physical, emotional, or social challenge. Be sure to explain the situation, the actions you took to overcome it, and how the experience shaped you into the person you are today.

Remember, the goal of this essay is to provide a glimpse into your personality, values, and passions, so make sure to choose a topic that truly resonates with you and reflects who you are. Good luck with your essay!

6 months ago

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