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OSU vs Harvard: Any thoughts on these schools?

I'm seriously debating between Ohio State University and Harvard and would really value some insight from you guys. Apart from the obvious prestige factor, what are the pros and cons of each school? How's the campus life, academic rigor, and opportunities for internships or research?

6 months ago

It's great to be considering multiple factors when choosing between these schools! Let's start by looking at some key differences.

Campus Life:

- OSU has a large, lively campus atmosphere with many students, clubs, and campus events. It has a strong sports culture, with lots of school spirit surrounding their athletic programs.

- Harvard is smaller, with a more intimate feel. It's located in Cambridge, a city mixed between urban and suburban areas. It's also near many other colleges in and around Boston, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet other students even from other institutions.

Academic Rigor:

- OSU offers a wide variety of majors, so the academic rigor depends on your specific program. Generally, it's a well-respected public university with solid academics, but you can find both challenging and less-rigorous classes depending on your program.

- Harvard is known for its intense academic pressure and high expectations from both faculty and peers across all departments. The rigorous academics can be challenging but also deeply rewarding.

Internships and Research:

- OSU, being a large public university, has numerous internships and research opportunities, both on and off-campus. However, the competition for these opportunities might be higher due to the sheer number of students.

- Harvard's name and reputation can open doors to internships and research opportunities that a public university may not have access to. Additionally, the alumni network is extensive and supportive, which could be beneficial for internships and research placements.

Here are some pros and cons for each:

OSU pros:

1. Diverse student population

2. Large, lively campus atmosphere

3. Affordable tuition (especially for Ohio residents)

OSU cons:

1. More significant competition for internships and research opportunities

2. Less prestigious than Harvard

Harvard pros:

1. Prestigious reputation and brand recognition

2. Elite faculty and resources

3. Smaller class sizes and close-knit campus feel

Harvard cons:

1. High-pressure academic environment

2. Expensive tuition (although substantial financial aid is available for qualifying students)

Ultimately, the decision depends on your priorities, values, and personal preferences. It's essential to visit both campuses, talk to current students and alumni, and understand the financial factors before making your decision. Good luck!

6 months ago

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