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UVA vs William and Mary: Which school to pick?

Dear fellow students, I've been accepted into both UVA and William and Mary, and I'm not sure which one to pick. Which school offers a better undergraduate experience in terms of academics, campus life, and opportunities? Please help me weigh the pros and cons. Thank you!

6 months ago

Congratulations on your acceptances! Both UVA and William and Mary are excellent schools, and the better choice really depends on your personal preferences and priorities. I'll outline some key differences for you to consider.


UVA has a more robust research focus and a larger variety of majors, whereas William and Mary is known for its strong liberal arts foundation with smaller class sizes. If you're interested in research opportunities and a wider range of academic options, UVA might be the better choice. On the other hand, if you prefer closer relationships with professors and a more traditional liberal arts education, William and Mary could be more suitable.

Campus life:

UVA is larger, with around 17,000 undergraduates, and has a more vibrant social scene with a stronger emphasis on sports and Greek life. The campus is situated in the lively college town of Charlottesville, offering plenty of off-campus dining, shopping, and entertainment options.

William and Mary, with approximately 6,200 undergraduates, offers a more intimate environment and a tight-knit community. It has a historic campus located in picturesque Williamsburg, which has a more laid-back vibe. Greek life is still present, but it's less prominent than at UVA.


UVA often ranks higher in terms of national reputation and resources, which could potentially translate into better job prospects and internship opportunities. However, given William and Mary's smaller size, you might find it easier to stand out and make the most of the resources available. Both schools have strong alumni networks, so making the most of these connections will be valuable regardless of your choice.

In conclusion, you should consider the specific factors that are most important to you in your undergraduate experience. Do you prefer a larger university with diverse opportunities, a bustling social scene, and a broader array of academic interests? If so, UVA might be a better fit.

Conversely, if you value smaller class sizes, close faculty relationships, and a tight-knit community in a more historic setting, William and Mary could be the school for you. It's essential to visit both campuses and envision yourself as a student there to make the most informed decision. Good luck with your choice!

6 months ago

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