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Quarter Begins vs Instruction Begins: How do They Differ?

Hey everyone, can someone explain the difference between 'Quarter Begins' and 'Instruction Begins' dates on college academic calendars? Are they related to the first day of classes or something else? Thanks!

6 months ago

Sure, I'd be happy to help! The terms "Quarter Begins" and "Instruction Begins" are related to the academic calendar, and while they may sound similar, they have different meanings:

1. Quarter Begins: This term refers to the official start date of an academic quarter (or semester, depending on the school). It usually includes events like orientation, move-in days for on-campus housing, and other administrative tasks. Classes do not typically start on this date.

2. Instruction Begins: This term indicates the actual first day of classes for the academic quarter (or semester). From this day on, students are expected to attend classes, and the main academic portion of the term commences.

In summary, "Quarter Begins" is more about the overall academic period and any preliminary events, while "Instruction Begins" specifically refers to when classes start. It's important to take note of both dates when planning your schedule to ensure you're prepared for the beginning of each academic term.

6 months ago

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