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Virginia Tech vs Purdue: Help with Decision!

Hello everyone! I've been accepted at both Virginia Tech and Purdue University. I'm majoring in mechanical engineering, and it's really hard for me to choose between these two schools. Could you please share some thoughts on academics, internship opportunities, and campus environments? Any advice is much appreciated!

6 months ago

Congratulations on being accepted to both Virginia Tech and Purdue! It's fantastic that you have these two excellent schools to choose from for your Mechanical Engineering major. Let's break down the academics, internship opportunities, and campus environments for both so you can make an informed decision.


Both Virginia Tech and Purdue have very strong engineering programs. Purdue's Mechanical Engineering program is typically ranked slightly higher nationally, meaning you might find classes to be a bit more rigorous and have access to more experienced professors. However, both schools offer a solid education, and it ultimately comes down to your personal preference.

Internship opportunities:

Both schools have solid connections to industry and work to provide students with co-op and internship opportunities. Purdue's large research output and strong industry connections might give it an edge when it comes to internships, but location also plays a significant role.

Virginia Tech's proximity to the D.C. area can offer some unique internship opportunities in government agencies and related sectors. Ultimately, it's up to you to network and make connections to land an internship at either school.

Campus environments:

Virginia Tech's campus, located in Blacksburg, has a picturesque setting surrounded by mountains and offers a multitude of outdoor recreational opportunities. The campus has a strong sense of community and spirit among students, with a wide range of campus activities and clubs.

Purdue's campus is in West Lafayette, which is also a smaller college town but is closer to both Indianapolis and Chicago. Purdue also has a vibrant campus life, with over 1000 student clubs and organizations to join.

In conclusion, both schools have much to offer. Academically, Purdue may hold a slight edge in Mechanical Engineering rankings, and internships could be more abundant, but you should also weigh the campus environments and overall experience. If possible, I suggest visiting both campuses and talking to current students to get a sense of which school will be a better fit for your personality and goals. Good luck, and I'm sure you'll flourish, whichever school you choose!

6 months ago

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