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Consequences of cheating on the ACT?

I heard some rumors about people cheating on the ACT and I'm curious, what happens if someone is caught cheating during the test? Is there any leniency or are there strict punishments?

6 months ago

If someone is caught cheating on the ACT, there are typically strict consequences that can have a lasting impact on a student's academic future. The ACT test is taken very seriously by colleges and universities as an essential evaluation tool for applicants, so examining boards enforce stringent measures against cheating.

First and foremost, if a test proctor suspects a student of cheating during the exam, the student is reported to the ACT board, which conducts an investigation to determine if further action is needed. The proctor may also confiscate the student's test materials as evidence. The student likely won't receive a score on the exam until the investigation has played out.

If the ACT board concludes that cheating occurred, the student's score will be canceled, and in some cases, the student may be banned from taking the ACT for a specific period or even permanently. Additionally, colleges may be notified about the incident, which would severely harm the student's chances of being admitted.

In addition to "traditional" cheating methods like checking notes or using your phone during the exam, sharing test information with others, either before or after the exam, is considered cheating. In some cases, students found to be involved in cheating rings or facilitating cheating for others may face legal consequences and even criminal charges.

While the consequences of cheating on the ACT may vary depending on the severity and nature of the offense, it's crucial to remember that the risks always far outweigh any potential benefits. Honesty, integrity, and hard work are the best approach to test preparation and success in the college admissions process. Good luck with your ACT!

6 months ago

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