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Experience with William and Mary's Cypher Postcard?

Hey everyone! I recently got a cypher postcard from William and Mary in the mail. Do these have any special meaning, or is it just something cool admissions sends out? If anyone has insights, let me know!

6 months ago

Hey! The cypher postcard from William and Mary is a recruitment material that the admissions office sends out to prospective students they're interested in. It doesn't necessarily provide any direct benefits like increased chances of acceptance or guaranteed scholarships. However, it is an indication that the admissions office has noticed your academic profile and would like you to consider applying to their institution.

In this case, it's "something cool admissions sends out" to pique your interest in their college. It's nice to receive the postcard, but it's more of an invitation to explore William and Mary further rather than a serious advantage in the admissions process. If William and Mary interests you, use this opportunity to learn more about the school's offerings, visit the campus if possible, and consider attending their information sessions.

Overall, be proud that you were noticed, and use it as motivation to research William and Mary and other colleges that could be a good fit for you. Good luck with the application process!

6 months ago

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