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Top SAT words to study?

Hi everyone, I recently started preparing for the SAT and I'm trying to build my vocabulary. Does anyone have any recommendations for top SAT words I should study? Preferably something like a list of must-know words. Thanks!

6 months ago

Hey there! Great to see that you're working on improving your vocabulary for the SAT. While the SAT has evolved to focus more on context-based vocabulary rather than obscure words, it's still essential to have a robust vocabulary to perform well on the test. Here's a list of common SAT words that you may find helpful:

1. Adept

2. Ambiguous

3. Bolster

4. Convey

5. Corroborate

6. Divergent

7. Elusive

8. Empathy

9. Foster

10. Impediment

11. Inadvertent

12. Indifferent

13. Insipid

14. Lament

15. Nostalgia

16. Proliferate

17. Reticent

18. Squander

19. Tacit

20. Venerable

Remember that the redesigned SAT emphasizes understanding words in context, so simply memorizing words isn't enough. Read a variety of sources, such as newspapers and books, to help build your vocabulary and improve your reading comprehension. When you encounter an unfamiliar word in a passage, try to infer its meaning from the surrounding context, and refer to a dictionary later to confirm your understanding.

Quizlet, Vocabulary.com, and Magoosh Vocabulary Builder are a few resources that offer SAT vocabulary flashcards and practice quizzes for free. You might also find these helpful as they cover plenty more words that frequently appear on the SAT. Happy studying!

6 months ago

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