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Universities That Accept CLEP - How common is it?

Hello! I've taken a few CLEP exams, and I've noticed that not all universities accept them. Can anybody recommend any colleges that do accept CLEP exam credits, or point me to a resource where I can find this information? Thanks in advance!

6 months ago

Hello! You're right that not all universities accept CLEP exams for credit, but many do. To find the list of colleges that accept CLEP credits, you can visit the College Board's website. They provide a search tool that allows you to look for colleges by name or location, and it will give you information about their CLEP credit policy.

Keep in mind that the acceptance of CLEP credits can vary not only between colleges but also among individual departments within a college. Some schools might accept CLEP credits for certain subjects but not for others, or the amount of credit given may differ. Make sure to verify CLEP credit policies directly with each college you're interested in, so you don’t end up investing time and energy into taking exams that won’t help you.

Additionally, if you have a specific major or program in mind, it's important to consider how CLEP credits will factor into your degree requirements. Some colleges may only accept CLEP credits as elective credits, while others may allow the credits to fulfill core requirements depending on the subject and score. Or, schools may allow you to place out of an introductory level course, but not get actual credit for the requirement.

Overall, it's best to research individual colleges, and contact their admissions and/or advising offices if you have any questions about their policies on CLEP exam credits. Good luck!

6 months ago

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