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How to make my 'Why This College' essay convincing?

Hi everybody, I'm in the process of writing the 'Why I Want to Go to This College' essay, but I'm finding it difficult to express my reasons without sounding like I just copied stuff from their website. How can I make my essay more personal and convincing them that I'm the perfect fit for their institution? Would love some advice!

6 months ago

Hi there! A convincing 'Why This College' essay focuses on genuine reasons, detailing how the school aligns with your academic and personal interests. Here are some tips to help you make your essay more personal and convincing:

1. Be specific: Go beyond the college's mission statement or well-known programs. Research unique aspects of your target school, such as specific research opportunities, faculty members you'd like to work with, or clubs and activities you'd like to join.

2. Personalize your connection: Explain how those unique aspects align with your academic and personal goals. Connect them to your past experiences, future aspirations, or the ways in which you think your involvement would benefit the campus community. This is an important step to distinguish your essay and make it uniquely applicable to you.

3. Show, don't tell: Use anecdotes or personal experiences to illustrate your points. For example, if you were drawn to a college because of its focus on environmental sustainability, you could discuss your passion for conservation, your experiences with related projects, and how you hope to contribute to the school's sustainability efforts.

4. Be honest: Avoid exaggerating your feelings or circumstances. Admissions officers can tell when an essay isn't sincere. If you're genuinely excited about the school and its offerings, let that enthusiasm show through in your writing.

5. Reflect on visit experiences: If you've visited the campus or attended any virtual events, mention specific moments or interactions that stood out to you and further solidified your interest in the school.

Remember that your 'Why This College' essay should still primarily be about you. Make sure to include specifics about the school, but you have to connect them back to you, your passions, and your aspirations in order to stand out. Good luck with your essay!

6 months ago

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