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How is the Plaza Triple setup at UCLA?

Hey guys, I got accepted to UCLA (yay!!) and I'm researching on-campus housing options. I was wondering if anyone can tell me about the Plaza Triple setup? Is it spacious? Are the rooms comfortable? And how's the overall experience living there?

6 months ago

Congratulations on your acceptance to UCLA! The Plaza Triple setup features three beds, two of which are in a lofted bunk bed configuration, and the third is a separate single bed, creating a fairly efficient use of space. Since there are three students sharing a room, it won't be as spacious as a double, but it's definitely manageable. Each student typically has a desk, dresser, and some shared closet space. The rooms come with a private or semi-private bathroom, which is convenient and provides more privacy when compared to communal bathrooms.

As for comfort, that's subjective and depends on your preferences and habits. However, most students find the space comfortable enough for studying and relaxing. The notable benefit of living in a Plaza Triple is the relatively lower cost compared to single or double rooms on-campus, making it an attractive option for many students.

The overall experience living in a Plaza Triple will vary depending on your roommates and your compatibility. It can be a great opportunity to form close friendships and create a support system. Just keep in mind that sharing a space with multiple roommates may require you to adapt to different schedules, habits, and study methods. Communication and respect among roommates will be critical for a positive living experience.

Living on-campus, in general, is great at UCLA because it allows you to be close to classes, events, and resources. Plus, you'll have access to various dining options on the Hill, which are popular for their variety and quality. I hope this helps you with your decision! Enjoy your time at UCLA!

6 months ago

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