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GPA for college applications: Weighted or Unweighted?

Hey there! Quick question about GPAs when applying to colleges: when colleges ask for my GPA, are they usually looking for weighted or unweighted GPAs? Does it vary by school?

6 months ago

Hey! Great question. Both weighted and unweighted GPAs are considered during the college application process, but some colleges might place more emphasis on one over the other. It does vary by school, so it's important to research the specific institutions you're interested in to see which they prefer.

Weighted GPAs typically include additional points added for honors or advanced courses (such as AP or IB courses), which can showcase your academic rigor and willingness to take challenging classes. On the other hand, unweighted GPAs represent your grades on a 4.0 scale with no added points for the more difficult courses.

For many schools, the primary focus will be on your unweighted GPA, as it offers a standardized way of comparing student performance and ensures that all students are evaluated on a level playing field. However, the rigorous courses and the corresponding extra weight in your weighted GPA can demonstrate your capabilities for taking on a robust college curriculum. To provide a comprehensive picture of your academic background, many colleges will also consider factors such as your course selections, grade trends, and class rank. Ultimately, it's important to maintain a strong GPA while taking challenging courses that align with your academic interests and goals.

I hope this clears things up for you!

6 months ago

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