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UGA or GSU: need input for a political science major

Hi everyone! I'm deciding between the University of Georgia (UGA) and Georgia State University (GSU) for my major in political science. I'd appreciate any input on the quality of the programs, campus life, and opportunities at both schools. What are the pros and cons of each?

6 months ago

Hi there! Both the University of Georgia (UGA) and Georgia State University (GSU) have their unique advantages for political science majors, so let's compare the two in terms of academics, campus life, and opportunities.


UGA's political science program is generally regarded as stronger, with more research opportunities and a broader range of course offerings. Professors at UGA tend to be well-regarded and engaged with their students. If you're particularly interested in pursuing a career in academia or research, UGA may be the better choice.

GSU's political science department is known for giving its students a more urban perspective on politics, taking advantage of its location in the heart of Atlanta. Professors at GSU also have strong connections with local politics, which could be valuable if you're aiming for a career in government or policy-making.

Campus Life:

UGA has a typical college-town atmosphere and is located in Athens, which is known for its vibrant music scene, historical sites, and outdoor activities. The campus itself is beautiful and the student body is quite spirited when it comes to sports and school pride.

GSU is located in downtown Atlanta, so if you're looking for an urban environment with access to a wide variety of cultural events, professional sports, and internship opportunities, GSU is the better option. However, the campus can feel disjointed and less traditional than UGA's, due to its urban location.


UGA offers more research opportunities within the political science department, and its larger alumni network can open doors for networking and job prospects post-graduation. The wide range of clubs and societies at UGA also allows you to get more involved in the political scene on campus and explore related interests.

GSU's location in Atlanta can provide more opportunities for internships, particularly with government agencies, nonprofits, or political organizations. The university also tends to have more diverse academic offerings, which can be beneficial if you're interested in exploring interdisciplinary connections within your major.

6 months ago

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