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Howard University vs Harvard University: Comparing Prestige, Environment, and Opportunities?

Hello! I am trying to decide between two very different schools: Howard University and Harvard University. Can you guys help me compare their prestige, campus environment, and opportunities for internships and research? Appreciate any insight!

6 months ago

Sure! Let's break down your question into three parts: prestige, environment, and opportunities for internships and research at both Howard University and Harvard University.


Harvard is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious universities in the world, known for its top-notch academic programs, talented faculty, and rigorous environment. Howard University, on the other hand, is a highly respected historically black university (HBCU) that carries a unique legacy in higher education. The prestige level of these schools might differ, but keep in mind that the "fit" should also be a significant factor in your decision-making process.


Harvard's campus is located in Cambridge, a vibrant college town adjacent to Boston. The campus offers a mix of historic and modern buildings, and the community hosts a wide range of cultural, academic, and social events. Howard University is situated in the heart of Washington D.C., providing students with ample opportunities for exploring politics, culture, and the arts. The environment at Howard is likely to be more diverse, as HBCUs are known for fostering a strong sense of community among African American students.

Opportunities for internships and research:

Both universities offer excellent opportunities for internships and research across various fields. At Harvard, students have access to remarkable research centers, labs, and partnerships with renowned institutions in the Boston area. Its strong reputation and expansive alumni network can lead to prestigious internships across the globe.

Howard University’s location in Washington D.C. is a significant advantage for political science, journalism, and communication students, as they will be at the epicenter of national politics. Internships with government agencies, media, and NGOs can provide real-world experience and connections in these fields. You may also find research opportunities with D.C.-based think tanks and advocacy groups.

Ultimately, the decision should be based on your personal preferences, financial considerations, and academic and career goals. What's most important is selecting a college that aligns with your values, interests, and aspirations. Visiting each campus, if possible, and talking to current students or alumni can also help you gain a better understanding of the overall experience at each institution.

6 months ago

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