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Texas State vs Oklahoma State: Pros and Cons?

Hey guys! I was accepted to both Texas State and Oklahoma State, and I'm currently unsure which to choose. Can anyone break down the pros and cons of each school? I'd appreciate any input about their programs, campus, and overall experiences. Thanks!

6 months ago

Congratulations on your acceptances! Of course, the "right" choice for you will largely depend on your priorities and academic goals, but here's a general overview of the pros and cons for each school:

Texas State University:


1. Location: Texas State is in San Marcos, a smaller city situated between Austin and San Antonio. This gives you access to two major cities and the corresponding professional, cultural, and entertainment opportunities.

2. Campus: The campus at Texas State is picturesque with a river running through it. The river offers recreational activities such as kayaking and swimming.

3. Strong Programs: Texas State is recognized for programs like education, geography, and music.


1. Limited Academic Reputation: While Texas State has certain strong programs, its overall academic reputation may not be as strong, which could impact your postgraduate opportunities.

2. Larger Classes: At Texas State, you may find that some of the introductory classes are quite large, which might make it difficult to form personal connections with professors.

Oklahoma State University:


1. Research: Oklahoma State is a well-known research university with opportunities for undergraduate students to engage in research projects.

2. Engineering & Agriculture: Oklahoma State is especially renowned for its engineering and agriculture programs.

3. School Spirit: The campus has a strong sense of community and school spirit, with students actively taking part in athletics and other college events, especially football games.


1. Location: Located in Stillwater, Oklahoma State offers a classic college town experience that many students enjoy, but is farther from major cities, which might limit your professional and cultural experiences.

2. Weather: Oklahoma is known for having extreme weather, including tornadoes, which might not appeal to everyone.

To help you make the right decision for you, take the time to visit each campus if you can, and talk to current students and faculty to get a more concrete sense of the environment and culture at each university. Good luck with your decision!

6 months ago

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