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Converting a 4.7 GPA to a 4.0 scale

Y'all, I need help with converting my 4.7 GPA to a 4.0 scale. I've been looking online, but nothing seems to be quite clear. Can someone please explain how the conversion works?

6 months ago

Hello! Converting your GPA from a weighted scale to an unweighted 4.0 scale can be a bit tricky. Generally, schools use a weighted GPA scale out of 5.0 to account for the added difficulty and rigor of honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses. However, it's essential to note that conversion methods can vary slightly across schools. I'll share a general conversion approach that should help you in the process.

First, identify the courses you took that contributed to your 4.7 GPA and determine which ones were regular, honors, or AP classes. Keep track of the total number of classes you took as well.

Next, convert each class's grade to an unweighted scale by following these general guidelines:

- For regular courses: Keep the grade as it is (do not adjust)

- For honors courses: Subtract 0.5 from the grade (e.g., a 5.0 becomes 4.5)

- For AP/IB courses: Subtract 1.0 from the grade (e.g., a 5.0 becomes 4.0)

Now that you have each course grade on an unweighted 4.0 scale, you can find the average. Add up all the converted grades, and then divide the sum by the total number of courses you took. The result is the unweighted GPA on a 4.0 scale.

Keep in mind this is a general approach, as schools may have slightly different conversion methods. If you still have questions, I recommend checking with your high school counselor or college counselor to see if your school has a specific conversion method to follow. Good luck!

6 months ago

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