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Need help with 'Reasons to go to college' essay?

Hey everyone, I'm working on my college application essays and I have to write about my reasons for attending college. I'm struggling with how to approach this topic without sounding generic or cliche. What are some unique angles I could explore that would make my essay stand out?

6 months ago

It's essential to strike a balance between conveying your personal motivations for attending college and avoiding cliches. When approaching this essay, consider unique aspects of your personality, background, and experiences that have led to your decision to attend college. Here are a few possible angles to explore:

1. Personal growth and development: Discuss how college will enable you to challenge yourself and grow in ways you can't in your current environment. Rather than just mentioning general personal growth, tie your growth to specific aspects you find appealing at the college like unique courses, opportunities for research, or study abroad options.

2. Interests and passions: Highlight how college will allow you to explore your passions or interests further. This could include the opportunity to study niche subjects, combine multiple disciplines, or engage with student organizations or extracurriculars that align with your interests.

3. Mentorship and networking: Explain the value of building relationships with professors, professionals, and peers in your college community. Discuss how interacting with a diverse set of people can broaden your perspective and enhance your learning experiences.

4. Professional preparation: Instead of simply stating that you want a degree for a future career, dive deeper into how the resources and opportunities available at the college (e.g., internships, research, clubs) will equip you with the skills, knowledge, and network necessary for pursuing your desired career path.

5. Contribution to college community: Reflect on how attending college will not only benefit you personally, but also allow you to enrich the college community through your unique strengths, talents, or background. Describe how you plan to be actively engaged in campus life and contribute to the intellectual and social environment of the college.

When writing your essay, be specific and personal. Use anecdotes and examples to illustrate your points, and avoid cliches and overused topics. Be authentic and genuine in expressing why attending college is important to you, and focus on the experiences or opportunities that are specific to the college you're applying to. By personalizing your essay and showing a genuine desire to learn and grow in a college environment, you will help your essay stand out from the rest.

6 months ago

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