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GWU vs. American University: Which one should I choose?

Hey everyone! I'm really torn between George Washington University and American University for my college decision. I want to major in political science and possibly minor in international relations. Which one has a better program, stronger campus life, and greater job prospects after graduation? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

6 months ago

Congratulations on being accepted to both George Washington University (GWU) and American University (AU)! Both institutions have strong political science programs and are located in Washington, D.C., offering unique opportunities to engage in politics. I'll break down a few aspects for you to consider.

1. Academics: When it comes to the political science program and international relations, both schools are highly respected. GWU generally has slightly better overall rankings, but specific program strengths can vary. I recommend visiting each school's department website to explore the courses, research opportunities, and faculty members. Determine which school aligns better with your academic interests.

2. Campus life: GWU is located in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood, near the White House, the National Mall, and downtown D.C., which offers a more urban feel for the campus. On the other hand, AU’s campus is situated in a more residential area with a picturesque campus. You should consider whether you prefer an urban or traditional college campus experience.

3. Internship opportunities: Given their location, both schools provide outstanding opportunities for internships, research, and networking in the realm of politics and international relations. You'll have access to organizations like the State Department, the World Bank, and various NGOs for internships and job prospects.

4. Job prospects: The job prospects after graduation will primarily depend on your level of engagement during your undergraduate studies. Both universities have a solid reputation, and their location in D.C. gives you a competitive edge for job opportunities in politics and international relations. Take advantage of internships, career services, and alumni networking at the institution you choose.

Ultimately, the decision between GWU and AU should come down to cultural fit, campus environment, and the specific programs and opportunities that resonate with you. If possible, go on campus tours, speak with current students or alumni, and investigate the campus culture to better judge which school is the right fit for you. Good luck with your decision!

6 months ago

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