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Self-report AP scores on applications?

Hey everyone! I was wondering if self-reporting AP scores on college apps is a good idea or not. Are there any benefits to doing so? Thanks in advance!

6 months ago

Hey there! Self-reporting AP scores on college applications is indeed a good idea, and it definitely has its benefits. Here's a quick breakdown of why it's a good idea to self-report:

1. Cost Savings: By self-reporting AP scores on your application, you can potentially save money on sending official score reports. Many colleges accept self-reported scores during the admissions process, and only require official score reports if you're accepted and decide to enroll. This can save you a significant amount of money on sending official reports to all the colleges you apply to.

2. Demonstrating Academic Rigor: Reporting your AP scores allows you to showcase the rigorous coursework you've completed in high school. Even if your AP scores aren't perfect, having taken AP classes and the exams underscores your commitment to pushing yourself academically.

3. Potential College Credit: Also, remember that strong AP scores can help you earn college credit, placement, or both, depending on the college's policy. So, while the scores might not significantly impact the admissions decision, they can demonstrate a mastery of a subject which can be beneficial once you start college.

4. Transparency: Including your AP scores adds a level of transparency to your application, demonstrating that you're open and honest about your academic performance. Of course, if you have any low scores that you'd rather not report, you don't necessarily have to include them. Colleges mainly focus on exam scores in the context of the classes you have taken and the grades you received in them.

In summary, self-reporting AP scores on college applications is generally beneficial, as it demonstrates your commitment to academic rigor, potentially saves you money, showcases your achievements, and enhances the transparency in your application. Just keep in mind the policies of the colleges you're applying to, as some might require official score reports earlier in the process. Good luck with your applications!

6 months ago

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