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Pepperdine vs University of San Diego for Psychology Major?

Hi all, I'm currently torn between Pepperdine and the University of San Diego for a psychology major. Can anyone talk about the programs, faculty, research opportunities, and alumni networks at these schools? TIA!

6 months ago

Hi there! Both Pepperdine and the University of San Diego offer strong psychology programs, but there are some differences you could consider when making your decision.

For the faculty, both colleges have teachers that are involved in research and are eager to teach, with students generally rating them favorably. You could try reaching out to current students or alumni through social media or online college forums to get a sense of their experiences with psych faculty at each school.

In terms of the psychology program, Pepperdine places a stronger emphasis on clinical psychology and allows you to gain practical experience through the Pepperdine Community Counseling Center. On the other hand, the University of San Diego offers more of a balanced approach between clinical and research psychology, giving you an opportunity to explore various subfields within the major.

When it comes to research opportunities, both schools encourage undergraduates to participate in research. The University of San Diego has the PURE (Partnership in Undergraduate Research) program, which offers paid research opportunities to eligible students. Pepperdine has its own Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) in which students can collaborate with faculty on research projects during the summer break.

As for alumni networks, Pepperdine has a well-established network, known as the Waves alumni community. They provide career support, networking opportunities, and resources for continuing education. The University of San Diego also has an extensive alumni network that offers similar benefits, known as the Torero Network. Both schools have strong connections within their respective cities and even nationally.

It's a great idea to look into the psychology courses offered to get a better feel for what you might be more interested in. Don't forget to consider other factors such as campus life, location, and financial aid packages as well when making your decision. Good luck!

6 months ago

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