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AKPsi vs DSP

I'm considering joining a business fraternity in college: AKPsi or Delta Sigma Pi (DSP). What are the pros and cons of each, and how do the experiences compare?

6 months ago

AKPsi (Alpha Kappa Psi) and Delta Sigma Pi (DSP) are both well-regarded business fraternities that focus on professional development, networking, and community engagement. While they might share similar overall goals, they can differ in terms of experiences, culture, and resources available to their members. Here's a breakdown of potential pros and cons for both:



1. Larger network: AKPsi has more active chapters and alumni in the United States, providing you with a wider network to connect with.

2. Co-ed fraternity: AKPsi is open to a diverse group of people, aiming to create a more inclusive environment.

3. More general focus: AKPsi's focus on business is relatively broad, which can give you a chance to explore various industries and roles.


1. Potentially less specialized: In contrast to DSP's narrower focus, AKPsi's wider range of interests might lead to less specialized resources or events within specific business sectors.

2. Varies by chapter: As with all Greek organizations, the culture and activities offered can differ significantly depending on the specific chapter at your school.



1. Focus on commerce and business: DSP's primary focus is on commerce, accounting, and business administration, which makes it appealing if you know you want to specialize within those fields.

2. Strong professional development: DSP chapters often have a strong emphasis on professional development, including workshops, guest speakers, and mentorship programs.

3. Selective partners: DSP has partnerships with specific companies, which can translate into unique networking opportunities for members.


1. Slightly smaller network: While DSP still has a considerable network, it's smaller than AKPsi's.

2. Less diverse focus: DSP's concentration on commerce, accounting, and business administration might not be as appealing if you have a broader set of interests within the business world.

3. Culture varies by chapter: Like AKPsi, the experience you have in DSP will depend on the specific chapter and its members.

Ultimately, the best choice for you will depend on your interests, goals, and the chapters available at your school. It's essential to speak with members of both fraternities, attend recruitment events, and learn about each chapter's culture and what they can offer to make an informed decision. Keep in mind that your personal experience will largely depend on the people in the organization and how well the chapter aligns with your goals and values.

6 months ago

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