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Colgate vs. Lehigh for environmental sciences?

Hey everyone! I've been accepted to Colgate and Lehigh, and I plan to major in environmental sciences. Can anyone help me compare the two schools in terms of academic quality, research opportunities, and overall campus life? I'm finding it difficult to make a decision. Any input is welcome!

6 months ago

Congratulations on your acceptances! Both Colgate and Lehigh are excellent schools, but they do have their differences. I'll try to provide a comparison based on the criteria you've mentioned.

Academic quality: In the realm of environmental sciences, both schools have strong programs. Colgate offers an Environmental Studies program which allows you to focus on either Science or Social Sciences. They also have a picturesque campus and, due to their rural location, a strong connection to the local environment which can enhance your learning experience. Lehigh, on the other hand, offers an Earth and Environmental Science major, which delves more into the scientific study of the environment. Each school offers unique courses and research opportunities, so be sure to explore their respective course catalogs and faculty profiles to see which one aligns better with your interests.

Research opportunities: Both Colgate and Lehigh emphasize the importance of undergraduate research. At Colgate, students have the chance to collaborate with professors on research projects or pursue independent research through the senior capstone project. Lehigh has a similar approach, with students having access to undergraduate research programs, grants, and research symposiums to showcase their work. Visiting the websites of each school's Environmental Sciences department could give you a better idea of specific research areas and opportunities.

Campus life: Lehigh and Colgate have different campus vibes. Colgate is a smaller, rural liberal arts college in upstate New York, known for its tight-knit community and focus on student-faculty interaction. Due to its location, outdoor activities play a big role in campus life, which might be a bonus for an environmental science major. Lehigh is a larger research university in Pennsylvania with a strong engineering presence. Campus life offers a balance between academics, research, and extracurricular activities, with plenty of clubs and organizations to join. Greek life is popular at both schools, but they each offer non-Greek social options as well.

In summary, think about factors such as location, size, and campus culture in addition to academic and research opportunities when making your decision. If possible, try visiting both campuses or attending virtual events to get a feel for each school's environment. Good luck in making your decision, and I'm sure you'll thrive whichever path you choose!

6 months ago

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