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Easiest undergrad degrees to pursue?

Hey everyone! I'm trying to decide on a major but I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the options. I wanted to ask you guys if you know of any undergrad degrees that are considered 'easier' or less demanding than others? Thanks for any help!

6 months ago

Hey there! It's important to note that the difficulty or even the perception of what's "easy" can vary greatly depending on a person's interests, strengths, and work ethic. That being said, there are some majors that tend to have less demanding workloads or fewer intense course requirements compared to others.

Some of these less demanding majors might include:

1. Communications: While still rigorous in its own right, this field often requires less math and science than many other disciplines. It focuses on subjects like public speaking, interpersonal communication, media relations, and journalism.

2. Sociology: This major involves studying human society and social behavior. While it does involve some research and critical thinking, the coursework is typically less intensive compared to degrees in hard sciences or engineering.

3. English: If you enjoy reading and writing, this can be a relatively less demanding major. The focus is on literature analysis, creative writing, and critical thinking, but the workload is often less demanding compared to STEM majors.

4. Art/Design: Depending on the specific concentration within the field, art and design majors may offer a less demanding academic experience. However, this usually requires a strong creative and artistic skill set to excel.

5. Psychology: This field studies the human mind and behavior, and the coursework generally involves less math and science than STEM fields. However, research and data analysis skills are still important.

It's essential to keep in mind your interests and passions when choosing a major. Pursuing a less demanding major just for the sake of an easier workload could lead to dissatisfaction down the road as it may not align with your career goals or values. Instead, focus on what subjects genuinely interest you, and then look into the major requirements to see how they align with your skills and desired level of workload.

No matter which major you choose, the best approach is to apply yourself diligently, get engaged in class and extracurricular activities, and seek help when needed. It's crucial to challenge yourself and grow, even if you end up pursuing a less demanding major. All the best in your academic journey!

6 months ago

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