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Wake Forest vs. Boston College: Which Has Better Pre-med Opportunities?

I'm split between Wake Forest and Boston College (BC) for my pre-med track. Does anyone have input about the academic, internship, and networking opportunities available at these schools for pre-med students? I'm really looking to narrow down my decision!

6 months ago

Both Wake Forest and Boston College have excellent pre-med programs, but they offer different opportunities and environments that might better suit your preferences.

At Wake Forest, the pre-med advising is known to be strong, with dedicated counselors to help you navigate the process. They have strong relationships with the local medical community, providing good internship and shadowing opportunities.

Winston-Salem is also home to the Wake Forest School of Medicine, which can offer additional resources and connections. Wake Forest also has a smaller undergraduate population, which can translate to smaller class sizes and potentially more personalized attention.

On the other hand, Boston College is located in a city with many renowned hospitals and research institutions. This gives you access to a wider range of internship, research, and shadowing opportunities than you would find in Winston-Salem. Additionally, Boston itself has a large concentration of universities and a vibrant student community, leading to many networking opportunities.

Keep in mind that the competition for pre-med opportunities in the Boston area can be higher due to the number of schools and pre-med students there. BC is also known for its Jesuit, liberal arts foundation, so you might have a more interdisciplinary pre-med experience, whereas Wake Forest focuses more on a traditional pre-med curriculum.

Ultimately, the choice between Wake Forest and Boston College will come down to your personal preferences and priorities. Consider factors like class size, campus feel, support systems, location, and overall environment to determine which school better aligns with your needs and goals as a pre-med student.

6 months ago

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