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Converting an 85 GPA to a 4.0 scale?

Hey everyone, my school uses a percentage-based grading system and my GPA is 85. I'm not sure how to convert that to a 4.0 scale for college applications. Can anyone help me out with the conversion?

6 months ago

Sure, I'd be happy to help you with the conversion! Converting percentage-based GPAs to the 4.0 scale is usually done by dividing the percentage by 20 and then subtracting 1. In your case, with an 85% GPA:

(85 ÷ 20) - 1 = 4.25 - 1 = 3.25

So, your converted GPA on a 4.0 scale would be approximately 3.25. Keep in mind, though, that the actual conversion might vary slightly depending on your school's specific grading system and how they handle conversions. It's always a good idea to double-check with your school counselor to ensure you have the most accurate information for college applications.

6 months ago

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