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When do colleges send likely letters?

Hi all! I've heard of some students receiving likely letters from colleges before the official decision release date. How common is this and when do colleges usually send out these likely letters? Thanks!

6 months ago

Hi there! A likely letter is an unofficial notification from a college indicating that a student has a high probability of being accepted, even before the official decision release date. These letters are primarily sent out by highly selective colleges and universities. While they're not common, they do happen, and receiving one can be a great boost of confidence for the student.

The timeline for likely letters varies depending on the college and application period. For Early Decision or Early Action applicants, likely letters may be sent out in late November to early December. For Regular Decision applicants, the likely letter distribution usually spans from mid-February to early March, sometimes even extending until a few days before the official decision release date.

Remember that a likely letter is not a guarantee of admission, and the college may still decide to reject or waitlist the student. However, if you receive a likely letter, it's an excellent sign that the school is highly interested in you as a candidate. While receiving a likely letter is definitely cause for celebration and excitement, stay focused on your academic performance and extracurricular involvement until you receive an official acceptance. Good luck!

6 months ago

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