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Interdisciplinary majors at USC?

I've been exploring the idea of doing an interdisciplinary major in college. Does USC offer interdisciplinary majors? Also, what's the application process like for those programs? Thanks!

6 months ago

Yes, USC does offer interdisciplinary majors that allow students to tailor their academic experience by exploring multiple fields of study. Some examples of these majors include Environmental Science and Health, Philosophy, Politics, and Law, Narrative Studies, and Arts, Technology, and the Business of Innovation. You can find a complete list of interdisciplinary undergraduate programs in USC's online catalogue.

The application process for these interdisciplinary majors is not significantly different from applying for a single-field major. You'll still need to submit your Common Application and specify your intended major on it.

If you're not completely sure which interdisciplinary major you'd like to pursue, don't worry! USC allows students to enter as undecided, and you can declare or switch your major after exploring your options once you're at the university. Just make sure to stay within the timeline set by USC for declaring a major, which is generally during your sophomore year.

Keep in mind that certain interdisciplinary programs might have certain prerequisites or unique requirements, like submitting a portfolio if you're applying for an arts-related major. To be best prepared, research the specific interdisciplinary major you're interested in and familiarize yourself with its required coursework and any additional application materials. If you’re unsure about any of the requirements for a particular major, reach out to USC’s admissions office, or even to one of the professors affiliated with it, for clarification.

Remember to focus on showcasing your passions, experiences, and commitment to multiple disciplines in your application, since this will demonstrate your genuine interest in pursuing an interdisciplinary major. A well-rounded application highlighting your diverse interests will make you a strong candidate for these unique programs at USC. Good luck!

6 months ago

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