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Brown vs UPenn: Help me decide?

I'm having a hard time choosing between Brown and UPenn for my undergrad. How do they compare in terms of academic reputation, campus environment, and social life? I also plan on majoring in economics. Which would be a better fit for me?

6 months ago

Both Brown and UPenn are excellent universities, and you're in an enviable position to be deciding between them! Let's break down some factors to help you make an informed decision.

Academic Reputation:

- Brown: Known for its open curriculum, allowing students to build their own course of study, which fosters flexibility and exploration.

- UPenn: Strong in economics, with the Wharton School of Business being one of the top business schools globally. The economics department is also among the top in the nation and highly regarded.

Campus Environment:

- Brown: Located in Providence, Rhode Island, the campus has a more intimate, relaxed atmosphere with a focus on collaboration and free exploration.

- UPenn: Based in Philadelphia, the campus is urban and fast-paced, offering access to a larger city's resources, cultural events, and professional opportunities.

Social Life:

- Brown: Often described as friendly and inclusive, the social scene at Brown is centered around student organizations, clubs, and service opportunities.

- UPenn: Social life is varied, with Greek organizations playing a significant role for some students. Philadelphia's cultural scene offers additional options for entertainment and socializing.

As an economics major, you might find UPenn more aligned with your interests due to the strong economics department and the reputation of the Wharton School. Additionally, being located in a larger city like Philadelphia provides more opportunities for internships and job placements in the economic and business sectors. However, if you value the flexibility to build your own course of study and a more relaxed campus environment, Brown may be the better fit.

Ultimately, you may want to consider visiting both campuses (if possible) and attending admitted student events to get a feel for the culture and environment of each university. Speak with current students, faculty, and alumni to gain a better understanding of which institution aligns with your values and goals. Good luck with your decision!

6 months ago

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