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Should I take AP Calculus?

Hi there! I'm currently deciding on my course load for next year, and I'm debating whether or not to take AP Calculus. Would you recommend taking the class? How challenging is it compared to other AP courses? Thanks for any input!

6 months ago

Hi! As with any course decision, it depends on your personal interests, academic goals, and strengths. AP Calculus is often seen as a rigorous course that can demonstrate your ability in math and problem-solving, which may be appealing to colleges. However, it's essential to consider if you have a strong foundation in pre-calculus or algebra, as the course builds on these concepts.

Regarding how challenging it is compared to other AP courses, it can vary quite a bit for each individual. In comparison to AP courses in humanities, such as AP English or AP History, the difficulty level will present different challenges. AP Calculus involves more abstract thinking, analytical skills, and mathematical problem-solving, while courses in humanities emphasize critical thinking, reading comprehension, and writing.

However, when compared to AP courses in other STEM areas, such as AP Physics or AP Chemistry, AP Calculus might be regarded as similarly challenging. It all depends on your strengths and interests within STEM. Some students have a more natural aptitude for math, making AP Calculus more manageable, while the opposite may be true for science-focused students.

To make a more informed decision about whether to take AP Calculus or not, consider speaking with your math teacher or school counselor. They can provide insight into your preparedness for the course and help you assess if it aligns with your academic and extracurricular goals.

Remember that the most crucial aspect when choosing courses is to challenge yourself within your capabilities and maintain a balanced workload. Pursuing AP Calculus could strengthen your college application, but only if you're passionate about the material and confident in your ability to succeed.

6 months ago

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