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Should I Take Physics in High School?

I’ve been contemplating whether or not to take physics in high school. I enjoy science, but I’ve heard mixed reviews about physics itself. Can someone share their experiences with high school physics? How it has prepared you for college courses?

6 months ago

I'm happy to share some perspective on taking physics in high school! Physics can be both an exciting and challenging subject, depending on your interests and strengths. If you're a curious student who enjoys understanding the fundamental principles that govern the universe, you may find physics intriguing. However, it's also math-heavy and can be conceptually challenging, so it's essential to be prepared for that aspect of the course.

In terms of preparing for college courses, taking physics in high school can be helpful regardless of your intended major. First, it can fulfill general education requirements for science, reducing the number of classes you'd need to take in college. Secondly, having a strong foundation in physics can be particularly useful if you plan on pursuing a major in a STEM field, as many of these subjects build upon principles learned in high school physics. Moreover, taking physics in high school can demonstrate to colleges that you challenged yourself academically and are interested in well-rounded learning experiences.

So, if you enjoy science and feel eager to tackle the challenges of physics, it could be a rewarding choice for you. That being said, I do know of students who never took physics in high school and still went on to great universities. Ultimately, the decision should be based on your passion for the subject, your academic goals, and how you feel it will complement your overall high school curriculum.

6 months ago

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