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How helpful is a peer recommendation for University of Rochester?

I've heard that the University of Rochester accepts peer recommendations as part of their application. Has anyone submitted one? If so, how helpful do you think it was in your application process? I'm trying to decide if I should ask one of my close friends to write a recommendation for me.

6 months ago

A peer recommendation can definitely be a unique and valuable addition to your University of Rochester application, since it provides a different perspective compared to the recommendations submitted by teachers or counselors. Your close friend may be able to highlight aspects of your personality, work ethic, and character that other recommenders may not be aware of, as they have likely interacted with you in a much wider range of settings. This letter can be particularly helpful for demonstrating intangible qualities like your sense of humor or your love of hobbies that might not show up on your activities list (like fantasy football or baking).

That being said, a peer recommendation should enhance the information already conveyed in your other letters and overall application, rather than repeating what admissions officers already know. So, should you choose to have a friend write one for you, make sure they can articulate specific examples and experiences that showcase your strengths and positive qualities. Additionally, you may want to have a conversation with them about what you're hoping they might mention in the letter, such as a formative camping trip you took together, or longstanding traditions in your friendship.

In summary, a peer recommendation has the potential to give the admissions committee a more comprehensive view of who you are as a person. If you feel that having your close friend write one would boost your application and provide unique insights, it's definitely worth considering. Just ensure that it complements, rather than duplicates, the information provided in your other recommendations.

Good luck with your application to University of Rochester!

6 months ago

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