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Harvard vs Morehouse: Opinions?

I've been accepted to both Harvard and Morehouse and I'm really torn between these two schools. I value both the academic excellence and the unique community experience. Can anyone help me weigh the pros and cons of attending each? I'm looking to major in Economics. Appreciate any input!

6 months ago

Congratulations on your acceptances! Both Harvard and Morehouse are excellent schools, and it's essential to consider what you value most in your college experience.

Harvard Pros:

1. World-renowned reputation: Harvard is known for academic excellence across the board, and the economics program is no different - you'd have access to amazing faculty and resources throughout your time on campus.

2. Network: The connections you build at Harvard could be invaluable for your future career and personal life.

3. Campus facilities: A beautiful historic campus and cutting-edge research facilities for students to use.

Harvard Cons:

1. Competition: With a highly competitive environment, you might face more stress and pressure to excel.

2. Size: With tens of thousands of students, it may be more challenging to establish close relationships with faculty.

Morehouse Pros:

1. Unique community experience: As a historically Black college, Morehouse prides itself on promoting social change and building community for Black men.

2. Supportive environment: Students often mention a strong sense of belonging and camaraderie within the Morehouse community.

3. Smaller class sizes: The smaller student population allows for more opportunities to form close relationships with professors and peers, especially early on in your college career.

Morehouse Cons:

1. Reputation: While Morehouse is respected, it might not have the same global recognition as Harvard, which could matter to some employers or graduate programs.

2. Limited resources: Being a smaller college, Morehouse may not have the same breadth of resources as a larger university like Harvard.

Ultimately, consider the environment where you think you'll thrive, both academically and personally. You might find that you prefer Harvard's reputation and opportunities, or Morehouse's unique community and supportive atmosphere. Connecting with current students and alumni from both schools, and attending Admitted Students' Days, could also provide valuable insights to help you make your decision.

Best of luck choosing your school, and congratulations once again on your acceptances!

6 months ago

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