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Athletic Scholarships for High School Seniors?

High school junior here, and I'm pretty active in sports. Any advice on athletic scholarships available for high school seniors? And how do you go about securing them?

6 months ago

Firstly, it's great that you're actively involved in sports and looking into athletic scholarships for high school seniors. Securing an athletic scholarship typically involves a combination of your athletic performance, communication with college coaches, and maintaining your academic standing.

1. Identify colleges and sports programs: Start by researching colleges and their sports programs to find the ones that align with your academic goals and athletic abilities. Make a list of potential schools that interest you and have the sports program you participate in.

2. Prepare a sports resume: Create a sports resume detailing your athletic accomplishments, including statistics, awards, and any outstanding performances. Include any relevant academic information, like your GPA, test scores, and extracurricular activities. This document will be helpful when you reach out to college coaches.

3. Create a highlight video: Make a short highlight video showcasing your best plays and skills. This visual aid allows college coaches to quickly assess your abilities and determine whether you might be a good fit for their team.

4. Reach out to college coaches: Establish contact with the coaches at colleges on your list. Introduce yourself, express your interest in their program, and provide your sports resume and highlight video. Maintain communication and update coaches with any new accomplishments or improvements.

5. Attend camps and showcases: Participate in sports camps, showcases, or combines where college coaches and scouts can watch you play in person. These events allow you to demonstrate your skills and build relationships with coaches.

6. Stay academically qualified: Keep in mind that many athletic scholarships have academic requirements. Maintain a strong GPA and meet the necessary test scores to ensure you're eligible when the time comes.

7. Apply to colleges and complete the NCAA Eligibility process: Apply to colleges normally, and if you hope to play in Division I or II, make sure you complete the NCAA Eligibility Center process, which evaluates your academic credentials and amateur status.

Securing an athletic scholarship can be competitive and requires dedication, but by actively pursuing your athletic and academic goals and effectively communicating with coaches, you increase your chances of obtaining one. Good luck!

6 months ago

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