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BSU vs ISU: Opinions on these schools?

Hey guys, I'm trying to decide between Ball State University (BSU) and Indiana State University (ISU). Does anyone have any thoughts on the differences in terms of academics, student life, and networking opportunities? Thanks in advance!

6 months ago

Hello! Both Ball State University (BSU) and Indiana State University (ISU) have their unique qualities, and I'll try to outline some differences to help you make a decision.


- BSU is well-known for its programs in architecture, communications, business, and education. Class sizes tend to be smaller, and the faculty is known for their commitment to teaching and research.

- ISU, on the other hand, has strong programs in health care, public administration, aviation, and criminology. The university also offers a broader range of majors and minors compared to BSU.

Student Life:

- BSU has a larger student population and a more traditional campus feel. The campus is known for its beauty and modern facilities. There are numerous clubs and organizations available, and the school puts a strong emphasis on community engagement, arts, and cultural activities.

- ISU offers a more intimate atmosphere, with a smaller campus and friendly vibe. Greek life is more prevalent at ISU than at BSU. Terre Haute, where ISU is located, is smaller than Muncie and has a charming, historic downtown area close to campus.

Networking Opportunities:

- At BSU, the Career Center actively connects students with internship and job opportunities, while the university has strong ties to local and regional employers. The well-regarded alumni network can be valuable for networking and job placement, particularly in the fields BSU is famous for.

- ISU's Career Center also provides excellent resources and support, and the university works closely with local, regional, and national organizations for internships and employment. You'll find a strong alumni network, especially in fields such as health care, aviation, and criminology.

Ultimately, the choice between BSU and ISU depends on your academic interests, the campus environment you prefer, and where you see potential networking opportunities in your chosen field. Both universities have unique strengths and provide students with well-rounded college experiences. I suggest visiting each campus, if possible, to see which one makes you feel more at home.

6 months ago

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