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Cornell vs Georgia Tech

Hi everyone! I'm currently deciding between Cornell University and Georgia Tech, specifically for engineering. Can anyone provide any information on how these two compare in terms of program strength, job prospects, and overall experience?

6 months ago

Congratulations on your acceptances to both Cornell University and Georgia Tech! You really can't go wrong with either option as both are highly respected for their engineering programs. However, there are a few distinctions to consider before making your decision.

Program Strength:

In terms of program strength, both institutions rank among the top engineering schools in the country. Cornell is a member of the Ivy League and is known for its strong overall reputation, while Georgia Tech is renowned for its focus on engineering and technology. Both schools have a wide array of highly-ranked engineering programs and top-notch faculty.

Job Prospects:

Both Cornell and Georgia Tech have excellent job placement rates for engineering graduates, with many students securing high-paying positions or going on to prestigious graduate programs. Georgia Tech might give you a slight edge if you're looking to go into a technology-heavy field, as they have strong connections with tech employers. However, Cornell's Ivy League status and alumni network also provide plenty of opportunities in various engineering sectors.

Overall Experience:

This factor may be the most important when making your decision, as the campus environment and student life will play a big role in your college experience. Cornell is located in Ithaca, NY, a small, picturesque college town. The environment is more rural, and there is a strong emphasis on fostering a tight-knit, inclusive community. Meanwhile, Georgia Tech is situated in the heart of Atlanta, GA, offering an urban setting with a vibrant city culture and plenty of off-campus opportunities.

Cornell has a larger overall student population with a more diverse range of academic interests, including liberal arts, while Georgia Tech's community is more focused around STEM fields. Additionally, the weather varies greatly between the two locations, with Ithaca experiencing cold, snowy winters and Atlanta having a warmer, more temperate climate.

Ultimately, your decision between Cornell and Georgia Tech may come down to what setting and atmosphere you prefer, as well as which school's specific engineering program aligns best with your goals and interests. Visit both campuses if possible, and think about where you see yourself thriving academically, socially, and personally. Good luck!

6 months ago

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