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Texas Tech vs University of Houston: Opinions?

Hey guys! I recently got admitted to both Texas Tech and the University of Houston for electrical engineering. I'm struggling to make my decision, so I'd like to hear some insights about both schools. How do they compare academically, socially, and in terms of available resources?

6 months ago

Congratulations on your admissions to both Texas Tech and the University of Houston! Each school has its own strengths and characteristics that you might consider when making your decision. I'll provide some insights to help you differentiate between them.


Both universities are well regarded for their engineering programs, but it's essential to look at factors like class size, research opportunities, and faculty access. Texas Tech's Edward E. Whitacre Jr. College of Engineering is known for its hands-on learning approach, and the University has excellent research facilities.

The University of Houston's Cullen College of Engineering also offers strong research opportunities and collaborations with local industries, giving you the chance to gain real-world experience. Check out the specific department websites and compare required coursework, electives, and faculty members to see which aligns with your interests.


Lubbock, where Texas Tech is located, is a college town with a strong community and school spirit. It offers many on-campus clubs, organizations, and events to immerse yourself in the college experience.

The University of Houston, located in the metropolitan city of Houston, offers more opportunities to explore diverse cultural events and internships. The campus life at UH is bustling but is also influenced by the surrounding city.

Think about whether you prefer a college town or a larger, more diverse urban setting as a backdrop for your college life.


Texas Tech offers students access to specialized engineering labs and research facilities. They have a dedicated Engineering Opportunities Center, which helps students with professional development, career advising, and internship opportunities.

UH also has impressive facilities and resources for engineering students, not to mention the industry connections in the Houston area. When comparing resources, consider factors like study spaces, research funding, and potential internships in your desired field.

It's important to visit both campuses, if possible, and ask current students about their experiences. Talk to advisors and faculty members within the electrical engineering departments to get a sense of which program best aligns with your goals and interests. Ultimately, your personal preferences and priorities will help you determine which university is the better fit for you. Good luck with your decision!

6 months ago

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