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Worth it to pursue a BA in Computer Science?

I'm interested in majoring in computer science, but the uni I'm planning to apply to only offers a BA, not a BS. Is it still worth pursuing, or should I look for programs offering a BS in computer science?

6 months ago

The distinction between a BA (Bachelor of Arts) and a BS (Bachelor of Science) in computer science might not be as significant as it seems. Both degrees can prepare you for a successful career in the tech industry. The main difference between the two programs lies in the focus and additional coursework required.

A BA program typically offers a broader education scope, covering liberal arts courses and general education requirements alongside computer science courses. This curriculum might require you to take less math and science-related courses and more electives in other areas. This can be advantageous if you have other interests and wish to pursue a double major, or if you'd like to develop a more well-rounded skillset that can be useful in a variety of fields.

On the other hand, a BS in computer science generally has more math and science requirements and a stronger focus on technical aspects. This may be a better fit if you want a more specialized and in-depth understanding of the subject matter or if you're considering graduate studies in computer science.

Ultimately, the choice between a BA and a BS boils down to your personal interests and goals. If the university you're interested in only offers a BA in computer science, it doesn't necessarily mean that the program is less valuable or that it will limit your career opportunities. Research the curriculum, course offerings, and faculty of the program to get a better idea of whether it aligns with your objectives. If the program is strong and you feel that it aligns with your interests, pursuing a BA in computer science at this university could be a great choice for you.

6 months ago

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