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Indiana University Exploratory: What's the difference between the Exploratory and General tracks?

I'm considering applying to Indiana University, but I'm unsure if I should apply to their Exploratory College or General track. What are the main differences, and which one would be better if I'm still figuring out what major I want to pursue?

6 months ago

The main difference between the Exploratory track and the General track at Indiana University lies in their structure and intended purpose.

The Exploratory track is specifically designed for students who are undecided about their major or want to explore multiple options before committing to a specific field of study. This track is housed within the University Division, and offers a structured approach to help students find their preferred major. It provides resources such as academic advisors who specialize in assisting undecided students, workshops, and events to help you explore different fields.

On the other hand, the General track is typically for students who already have a clear idea of their major or field of study but may not have been directly admitted into their desired school or program. In this track, you'll be advised by University Division advisors while completing general education requirements and prerequisites for your intended major. Once you've met the requirements for transitioning into your desired school or program, you can declare your major and become affiliated with the specific academic unit.

If you’re still figuring out what major you’d like to pursue, the Exploratory track would likely be a better fit, as it is specifically designed to help you discover your academic interests through a structured exploration process and dedicated support. However, if you have a general idea of your intended major but need to fulfill requirements before declaring it, the General track may be more suitable.

6 months ago

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