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Rutgers vs UMich: Help me decide?

I'm stuck between Rutgers and UMich for my college choice. Can someone share their thoughts on the distinctions between the two, particularly in terms of academics, campus lifestyle, and post-graduation opportunities?

6 months ago

Both Rutgers and UMich are excellent choices, and I understand why it might be difficult for you to make a decision. Here are some distinctions between the two that might help you decide:


Rutgers is known for its strong programs in biology, psychology, and business. Additionally, Rutgers offers an extensive choice of majors, so if you're uncertain about your path, you might find more flexibility there. UMich, on the other hand, has a very reputable engineering and business school, with top-notch programs across several disciples. Overall, UMich tends to rank higher on most national rankings in terms of academics.

Campus Lifestyle:

Rutgers has a vast campus in New Brunswick. With a larger student body, you might find the environment more diverse. It's close to New York City and Philadelphia, offering access to urban experiences. However, its size might make the campus feel sprawling, and you may need to rely on buses to get around.

UMich is located in Ann Arbor, which is a quintessential college town. The campus and the town are closely integrated, with a strong sense of community. Ann Arbor has a charming downtown area with shops, restaurants, and cultural events, making it a lively place for college students.

Post-graduation Opportunities:

Both universities offer substantial networking and internship opportunities for their students. UMich has a strong alumni network, and its graduates tend to have a slightly higher average starting salary. Furthermore, the university's proximity to Detroit allows for internship and job opportunities in the automotive and tech industries.

Rutgers, being close to New York City and Philadelphia, provides access to various industries like finance, technology, and healthcare. The on-campus career fairs at Rutgers draw recruiters from top companies, creating ample job opportunities for graduates.

Ultimately, your choice should depend on your priorities and preferences. Consider factors like academic strengths, cost, campus environment, and how close you'd like to be to urban centers. Visiting the campuses, if possible, can also give you a better sense of where you'll feel most comfortable. Good luck with your decision!

6 months ago

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