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Northeastern University campuses: Oakland vs Boston?

Hey there! I've recently heard about Northeastern University having campuses in both Oakland and Boston. Can anyone provide some insights on the differences between these two campuses, and whether one is better than the other? Appreciate any info!

6 months ago

Hello! Northeastern University is a great choice with interesting opportunities at both its Oakland and Boston locations. Here are some insights into the differences between the two campuses:

Boston Campus:

1. Main Campus: The Boston campus is the main and original campus of Northeastern University. It's larger and offers more resources, majors, and extracurricular opportunities because of its size.

2. Urban Environment: The campus is in the heart of Boston, providing a vibrant urban setting with great off-campus amenities, such as restaurants, entertainment, and cultural institutions.

3. Networking and Internship Opportunities: With Boston being a thriving business, tech, and educational hub, there are numerous internship and co-op opportunities for students, as well as networking in various industries.

Oakland Campus:

1. Special Focus: The Oakland campus is specifically designed for experiential learning, research, and entrepreneurship.

2. Smaller Campus: The Oakland campus is smaller and provides a more intimate, focused academic environment for its students.

3. California Setting: Being in the Bay Area, students can benefit from the diverse range of industries present in the region, particularly technology, software, and healthcare.

In summary, the Boston campus offers a more traditional undergraduate college experience, with diverse programs and resources in an urban environment. The Oakland campus won't provide the same experience, but if you are interested in a more hands-on, tailored education it might be worth it. Your choice will depend on your academic and career goals, the type of campus experience you prefer, and the programs and resources available at each campus.

I hope this helps you in making a decision! Good luck!

6 months ago

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