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MIT self-reported coursework vs. transcripts?

Hey, I wanted to clarify something for my MIT application. They have a section for self-reported coursework, but do I also need to submit my official high school transcript? What's the difference between the two and which one should I prioritize? Your insights would be helpful, thanks!

6 months ago

Hi there! I understand your confusion regarding MIT's self-reported coursework and official high school transcripts. Let me clarify the differences and their importance in the application process.

The self-reported coursework section in the MIT application allows you to fill in your academic details, such as which classes you took, the course levels, and your grades in those classes. This section provides the admissions team with an overview of your academic performance and the rigor of your curriculum. It's essential to be accurate when reporting your classes and grades, as it helps the admissions officers understand your academic background.

On the other hand, your official high school transcript is a formal, verified document that contains your academic record, including courses, grades, and other educational information. Most colleges, including MIT, require applicants to submit their official high school transcripts as part of the application process, to ensure they’re getting a complete picture of the student’s academic background. These documents are typically sent directly from your high school to the college through an online platform, like Naviance, or via mail.

In summary, you should fill out the self-reported coursework section on the MIT application and have your high school send your official transcript to MIT. The self-reported coursework is useful for providing a quick snapshot of your academic achievements, while the transcript is a more comprehensive, verified record. Both elements are important, as they complement each other to give MIT the most accurate understanding of your academic history.

Best of luck with your application to MIT!

6 months ago

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