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Worried about getting rescinded with a C

I got into my top-choice school, but my final semester of high school isn't going so well and I might end up with a C in one of my classes. Will I end up getting rescinded? If anyone here has gone through this experience, any tips on what I should do would be super helpful!

6 months ago

I understand how concerning this situation can be, but it's important to stay calm. Generally, one C in your final semester won't lead to getting rescinded, especially if it's not a pattern and the rest of your grades are strong. Colleges understand that students may have occasional fluctuations in their grades, and a single C is not usually a cause for alarm.

However, you should still aim to do your best in all your classes to maintain your final GPA. If you are genuinely struggling with the course material, consider seeking additional help, like talking to your teacher, working with a tutor, or forming a study group with classmates.

In case you do receive a C, you might consider reaching out to your top-choice college's admissions office to proactively explain the situation. Provide context for the grade, such as any major changes in your life, challenges you've faced, or additional commitments you've taken on. Open communication could help clear any concerns the college might have when they see the grade on your final transcript.

Remember, though, that colleges have admitted you based on your overall academic and extracurricular achievements throughout high school, and are unlikely to change their minds because of one blip in your final semester. Generally, students are only rescinded if there is an extreme dropoff in their academic performance (straight A’s to a mix of C’s and D’s), so you shouldn’t stress out too much. Just do your best to finish your high school career strong, and try to enjoy yourself along the way as well!

6 months ago

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