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Entrepreneurship contests for high schoolers?

Hi everyone! Does anyone know of any entrepreneurship competitions geared towards high school students? I'm really interested in starting my own business, and I think these competitions would be a great opportunity to learn and get some feedback on my ideas.

6 months ago

Hello! It's fantastic that you're interested in entrepreneurship. There are several entrepreneurship competitions geared towards high school students that you may find beneficial. Here are a few you might consider:

1. Diamond Challenge: This competition is for high school students worldwide and focuses on social innovation and business concept development. Participants can enter as individuals or teams, and the program offers mentorship and resources to help with idea development.

2. DECA Idea Challenge: DECA is an organization that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management. Their Idea Challenge asks students to create and develop a new business idea using a specific item announced each year.

3. The Conrad Challenge: In this competition, high school students create innovative solutions to real-world challenges in areas such as aerospace, cyber technology, energy, and health. The goal is to foster entrepreneurship and innovation among participants.

4. Junior Achievement Company Program: While this isn't a competition per se, Junior Achievement offers a comprehensive program that allows high school students to start and run their own businesses under the guidance of a mentor. This can be a great way to gain hands-on experience with entrepreneurship.

5. MIT LaunchX: This program gives high school students the opportunity to create, develop, and launch their own companies. Although there's an application process and participation fee, financial aid is available.

6. Future Founders: This organization focuses on inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs by offering a variety of programs and competitions for high school students. Some of their offerings include the Startup Spring Break and various entrepreneurship contests.

Keep in mind that many of these competitions and programs will have deadlines and specific eligibility requirements, so you may need to do some additional research to find the most suitable options for you. Participating in these competitions can be a fantastic way to gain experience, network with like-minded individuals, and potentially earn recognition or scholarship opportunities. Good luck with your entrepreneurial journey!

6 months ago

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