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Argumentative research paper topic ideas?

Hi everyone! I need to write an argumentative research paper and I'm having trouble coming up with a good topic. Can you guys suggest some interesting ideas that are related to current events or have significant impact on society? Thanks in advance!

6 months ago

Hi there! It's always exciting to choose a topic for an argumentative research paper. Here are six potential topics that are related to current events and have significant impact on society:

1. Environmental Impact:

Argue for or against the idea that individuals and businesses have an equal responsibility to adopt sustainable practices to combat climate change.

2. Mental Health and Social Media:

Examine the relationship between social media usage and mental health, and argue whether more regulations should be implemented on social media platforms to protect users from potential harms.

3. Universal Basic Income (UBI):

Explore the concept of UBI and argue whether its implementation would be beneficial or detrimental to society in the long run.

4. Vaccine Mandates:

Discuss the ethics and social implications of vaccine mandates during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Argue for or against their implementation in certain contexts, e.g., schools, healthcare, or other essential sectors.

5. Remote Work and the Future of Employment:

Analyze the rapid shift towards remote work during the recent years, and argue whether it should become a permanent alternative in the workplace or if it's more beneficial for employees to return to traditional, in-person work environments.

6. Artificial Intelligence and Privacy:

Explore the ethical questions arising from the increasing prevalence of AI, especially in terms of user privacy and data security. Argue for or against stricter regulations on AI development and usage to protect our privacy and safety.

Remember to choose a topic that interests you and allows for thorough research and argumentation. Good luck with your paper!

6 months ago

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